What is Pkgdemon?

Pkgdemon was created to provide a quick an easy way to install packages which are not yet available or up to date out of the box for FreeBSD, PCBSD and GhostBSD Operating Systems.

FreeBSD, PCBSD, and GhostBSD are able to use 3rd party packagesites to make installation of 3rd party software fast. Pkgdemon is a 3rd party packagesite and build service.

April 2014 Status

Gnome 3.6 and Cinnamon 2.0 have found a home in PCBSD. I’ve been told that Gnome 3 will make it’s way into ports at some point but Gnome 3.12 isn’t ready yet. With that said I won’t be assisting in merging Gnome 3.12 + into PCBSD yet, or providing packages here until approval is given that the ports are stable enough for mass consumption by the FreeBSD Gnome team.

Now shown on the build log display page are current build results for Gnome 3. The build log page should be used for only informational purposes at this time. It contains results from port builds of Cinnamon 2.x, Gnome 3.12, and Mate 1.8. It also shows results from an instance of jhbuild.

For more information about jhbuild for FreeBSD please see the following websites:


While this site no longer currently has any packages to distribute at this time it is entirely likely that there may be other niche offerings here into the future.